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What people are saying...

Margaret E.

"This is fantastic! Thanks so much!"

Fred S.

"Omni-Plugins is amazing. I can't imagine this was put together in a just a couple of hours."

Sarah W.

"Thanks so much for finally creating a space for all the amazing Omni Plugins out there!"

About this site / Privacy

As you can see here, this site does not track you, or store any cookies or personal data. But maybe Github stores your IP in a server log, and you bet Google tracks the hell out of you through the webfont included in this site, so I will get rid of that eventually.

Plugins are not hosted on this site, and obviously I won't take any responsibility for what happens when you download and install anything from somewhere else on the internet. Personally, I'd trust a plugin hosted on Github with an account that has a few other projects slightly more than a zip file on a random website, but ultimately it's your call whay you download and install.

I created this site because a few people asked for something like this on the Omni Group forums, and with today's technology (Github Pages, jQuery, Bootstrap and a free bootstrap template) it was really simple to create a prototype.

The site in its current state is very basic, and rather empty, if you want to help improve it, you can fork the repo and send me a pull request or add an issue on github for new plugins to add, for feature requests or for bugs.